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September 2017, it’s a month where all tech gurus attend the big release of the year. Yes, I am talking about Apple. It’s been 10 years since the original iPhone was released. Back then it offered the purchaser a device with a very small screen and QWERTY keyboards, introducing multi-touch and classy designs instead. Now, Apple is celebrating the occasion with the biggest change on how iPhone works and looks since it’s commencement.

Apple releases iPhone every year in the month of September. They announce the best iPhone ever and its Flagship killer. What happens to the consumer, when Apple releases not One, not Two iPhones but THREE new iPhones? How consumer rank them and choose One among Three iPhones? Here I am, to tell you why you should upgrade your mobile to a new brand-new Apple iPhone 8 or 8+.



Screen Size
4.7 inches and 5.5 inches
Screen Type
LED-backlit IPS LCD
750 x 1334 pixel and 1080 x 1920 pixels
Ion-strengthened glass
326 PPI and 401 PPI


Apple A11 Bionic Chip
Internal Storage
64/256 GB
2 GB and 3 GB
Apple GPU (three-core graphics)


iOS 11


Front Camera
7 megapixel, f/2.2 aperture, Face detection, HDR and Panorama
Back Camera
12 MP, f/1.8 aperture on Apple iPhone 8 and Dual 12 MP, (28mm, f/1.8, OIS & 56mm, f/2.8), phase detection autofocus, 2x optical zoom, quad-LED (dual tone) flash on iPhone 8+


1821 mAh and 2691 mAh in iPhone 8 and 8+


Apple iPhone 8 with iOS 11

EarPods with Lightning Connector

Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Lightning to USB Cable

USB Power Adapter



Apple unveiled iPhone 6 and 6s with the very new design back in 2014. The iPhone 6 opts for soft curves and seamless joins between the screen and the back. It’s a very different look than iPhone 5s. Well, iPhone 8 is the 4th iteration with same looks and design. But, inside it’s a massive upgrade. With every iteration of iPhone since iPhone 6, Apple worked hard enough to give a premium look. But they were stuck with the same design. This year we have very futuristic bezel-less smartphones, LG v30 and Samsung Galaxy S8, it’s not like Apple had missed this trend, they have introduced very glossily and premium iPhone X.

Apple iPhone 8 is a bit different from its predecessor, from a distance it looks similar to iPhone 6 and 7. But, it’s not, when you hold it you will find it’s not that slippery anymore because it has Glass on back. Which makes iPhone much more premium and glossy and even grippy, it doesn’t slip anymore. But, don’t forget glass on the back. If you are someone who is liable to drop their mobile phones, then iPhone 8 comes up with the high risk of warning. So, invest in a bumper, skins or cases. Apple claimed Glass on the back is tough enough, but it’s not, well it’s easy to get scratches.

There’s still a camera bump. The power/lock key is still easy to hit on the right side of the handset, as is the centralized home button with Touch ID fingerprint scanner located in the bezel below the display. The mute switch and volume keys reside on the left of the phone and are again well placed for easy manipulation. And there’s no Headphone Jack. Even if it looks identical as compared to iPhone 6 and 7, there’s a bit upgrade with its look.


At 4.7inches, with a barely 720p resolution, display on the Apple iPhone 8 doesn’t excite us. However, there is plenty here to like, and few changes Apple has made do make a noticeable difference in use. The main upgrade is True Tone, which was first launched in 9.7-inch iPad Pro. It’s a clever feature which dynamically alters the display white balance depending on the environment you are in. It’s like the Night-shift mode on iOS, but on a hardware level. It sounds nice, but It really does work to soften the blue tones in the display. It is really more comfortable to our eyes. It’s the best upgrade in iPhone.

Apple is now supporting the Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats, so you can play HDR movies from iTunes and Netflix. Well, there’s not much difference in Screen of iPhone 8, it’s the same LED-backlit IPS LCD screen, resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels with 326-PPI and yes, a 3D touch. Apple hasn’t upgraded display of iPhone 8 with QHD or AMOLED screens like Samsung Galaxy S8.


Apple never unveils the battery capacity of iPhone. Battery life is an area where Apple had to catch up. Going through all specifications I found iPhone 8 battery is even smaller than its predecessor iPhone 7, it is 1,821 mAh. Thankfully, that disappointment is mitigated by the fact that Apple introduced fast-charging support, which is more than 50% of a battery within 30 minutes of charging, It’s impressive. Well! It not only supports fast-charging, now it even supports wireless charging through Qi Standard. Thankfully, Apple didn’t come up with the proprietary wireless charging pad, it is compatible with any charging pads.

Sadly, your smile may be quickly wiped from your face and now you will be crying after knowing that Apple didn’t ship fast-charging travel adapter in the box. Unfortunately, a consumer needs to spend some extra bucks on fast-charging adapters and cables, it hurts, right? Battery life, however, depends on the consumer. How much you use, the more chance of getting a longer battery.


Looking at the Apple iPhone 8 or 8+ camera, nothing has changed. It has the same 12-megapixel rear camera, with f/1.8 aperture and digital zoom capabilities up to 5x. Same quad-LED true tone flash, Optical image stabilization, noise reduction, auto HDR and much more, similar to iPhone 7. Even if it sounds similar, but it isn’t because iPhone 8 has some nice upgrades in camera. Customer will enjoy experience same as iPhone 7, but now picture quality is more than the predecessor. Not just image quality but, photos deliver a very good level of detail and a colorful punch. There’s a lot more saturation and definition than previous iPhones. Pictures on iPhone 8 look more natural looking than Samsung’s flagship.

A fascinating feature Apple has added in camera, Portrait mode. This mode helps us to get our image similar to professional studio lighting. Actually, it adds up some good effects on the photo, which has impressive results. Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light and Stage Light Mono are different lighting effects. However, Stage Light and Stage Light mono don’t work well, as it cut you out of the frame and apply black background, it doesn’t work well. We hope for upgrades in the near future as Portrait mode is in Beta. Secondary camera or Front-facing camera is same too, it has a 7-megapixel camera with f/2.2 aperture, HDR and face detection. Video now can be shot in 4k at 30/60/120 and 240 fps which is really good. iPhone 8 and 8+ cameras sound similar but it has really good end results than its predecessor.


While the design and display remain unchanged, the Apple iPhone 8 is coming up with some serious bang regarding performance. Yes, Apple iPhone 8 and 8+ is super-fast. Thanks to Apple’s fastest A11 Bionic chip which is tremendously fast. It’s the first time Apple has introduced Hexa-core CPU in its smartphones. By “smartphones” I mean it is going to ship not only with Apple iPhone 8 and 8+, it will be shipped with most stunning and heart-throbbing iPhone X. By such super-fast chip, Apps load within a blink of an eye. Not only it loads apps very fast, you can switch between apps without any delay, and it is super responsive. Gaming, on the other hand, runs way more smoothly. There’s no issue or any delay while switching it from a Heavy game like Asphalt 8 to Heavy apps like Netflix or any other sort of bulky apps.

Being Hexa-core processor, benchmarks of iPhone 8 or 8+ is way higher than any other smartphone, present. Comparatively, to Samsung Galaxy S8 which has Octa-core processor iPhone managed to stand at the top of Hexa-core processor in both single-core and multi-core. Thanks to an A11 Bionic chip of Apple. iPhone has added 1GB extra RAM in bigger phones like iPhone 8+ and iPhone X. iPhone 8 has 2GB of RAM while iPhone 8+ has 3GB of RAM. Both models come up with 64/256 GB of internal storage. A fascinating feature which Apple has added in phones is AR (Augmented Reality), which is a great move. Augmented Reality works seamlessly and smoothly on iPhone 8 and 8+ again thanks to the A11. As per some research on AR, I found that there’s no stutter or lag while playing Augmented reality games like The machines, ARise, Stack AR and Zombie Gunship Revenant AR.

Why Apple iPhone 8 and 8+ is the best smartphone to upgrade?

After a review, many of them have understood, it is the best mobile phone with minor changes from its predecessor. Above sentence might sound contradictory, let me clarify. Even after Apple has made us sad by the same Design and Display, they managed to give you something interesting and astonishing features.

  • iPhone has a class-leading camera, which makes iPhone top on the list.
  • iPhone 8 is packed with super-fast performance; many consumers need a smartphone to do their tasks with just a blink of an eye. Right, iPhone 8 and 8+ worth doing it instantly with no delay or lag.
  • The camera has very nice Studio lighting effects, which really works well. End results were Unexpected.
  • Battery life lasts longer than its predecessor, even though it has a smaller battery than iPhone 7, it has managed to last long extra 2 hours, compared to iPhone 7. Thanks again to A11 Bionic chip.
  • Fast charging and Qi standard wireless charging is being introduced in iPhone 8, which is a big step.
  • Most interesting feature is Augmented Reality, games and apps work very well. Now you will be playing the game not just by sitting on the couch, rather you will be moving around. It is FUN.

Who should buy iPhone 8?

Well, it depends on your choice. If you are Apple fanboy than I don’t think you will buy iPhone 8 because iPhone X is on its way. But question appears again, who should upgrade?

If you are using an outdated mobile phone which is not much smarter and faster to handle all your tasks, hangs up in between, while switching apps or games. If you are the one who gets into this world and love to click some mesmerizing photographs of nature. Then yes, iPhone 8 is the best choice to upgrade. iPhone 8 fulfills all your needs, even if it has the same design but it has major upgrades which will help you to live your life nicely and wisely. As per my opinion, if you are using iPhone 6 or 6s then you must upgrade your phone to a flagship iPhone 8. And if you are using iPhone 7 or 7+ then I would suggest upgrading only if you need higher performance. If looks matter the most then wait till iPhone X releases.

  • Great Camera
  • Glass on the back is pleasing in the Hand, not much slippery
  • It is Superfast
  • Very nice Studio Lighting feature
  • Quite good Battery life
  • Qi wireless charging introduced
  • Colorful display
  • Augmented Reality is fun
  • Same outdated Design
  • Glass on the back isn’t scratch proof
  • Very thick bezels in the world of Bezel-less smartphones
  • No Headphone jack
  • No fast charger in the box

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